Residential Real Estate Photography & Floor Plan Terms of Service

Image Rights and Usage

All photographs and floor plan images (images) produced for the customer may be used by that customer for all marketing associated with the current sale of the property in accordance with local MLS rules. Please note that the images will be copyrighted by the photographer and a license granted only to the customer and NOT to any third party. Images are for the one-time use for the property listed only. Images including exteriors, amenities, common areas, and neighborhoods are not to be included in a company or personal database of images for use in subsequent listings, rentals, or otherwise shared.

Additional usage requires payment of additional licensing fees prior to use. Any usage of the photos by a third party, including but not limited to architects, builders, stagers, designers, sellers or buyers is prohibited unless approved in writing by the photographer.

As the copyright owner, the photographer reserves the right to license the images to other real estate agents and other parties after the listing has sold, expired, cancelled or withdrawn.

The photographer reserves the right to use the images and other tour materials for his own promotional purposes.


Please contact us via website at or email at no less than 7 days before your preferred shoot time. Additional advance notice may be required for properties larger than 3,000 square feet and/or outside our standard service area. During busy periods in the Spring and Fall 14-21 days notice may be required to schedule your preferred shoot time.

All scheduling requests are replied to in the order they are received. We try to reply by the end of the same business day but if there are other pending appointments for the same time period it may take up to 24 hours. Submitting multiple requests will not get a quicker reply and may even delay the response as there will be more requests to sort through. To help speed up the scheduling process please indicate the property address, approximate size, and what services you need. When the photographer assigns a date and time for your photo shoot you will have 12 hours to confirm the appointment. If you do not confirm the appointment you run the risk of losing that appointment time.

Cancellation Policy

If cancellation or rescheduling is necessary, please give the photographer 48 hour notice. There will be a cancellation charge of $75 if the shoot is canceled with less than 24 hour notice. There will be a $125 cancellation fee for same day cancelation or no-show.

Weather Policy

Appointments will be kept unless a state of emergency or parking ban is declared. Cancelation of an appointment based on weather conditions by the client when a state of emergency or parking ban has not be issued will result in standard cancelation fees.


Please be prepared to pay the photographer at the time of the shoot in the form of check, credit card or debit card. A fee of $35 is charged for checks returned for insufficient funds.

Property Preparation

Please refer to the document Preparing Your Home for a Property Shoot. For the best possible photos it is important the property is completely ready before the photographer arrives. The photographer is not responsible for cleaning, removing clutter, moving furniture, etc.

The Shoot

The homeowner or someone authorized by the homeowner (the agent) should be present at the shoot to give access to the home and to discuss any special considerations such as what should be included or excluded in shots. Our goal at the shoot is to provide quality photos that include a front exterior, back exterior and all the major rooms such as living room, dining room, family room, kitchen, master bedroom, master bath and bedrooms. Small bathrooms, laundry rooms, utility rooms, unfinished storage space or garages are not a shooting priority unless you give us direction otherwise.

Any photo requirements not requested prior to or during the shoot will require a return trip and additional fees.

The agent is responsible for having the property properly prepared and all work completed before the photographer arrives. Due to scheduling constraints, the photographer will need to begin shooting at the scheduled time. Additional fees will apply for additional waiting time or if the shoot needs to be rescheduled. If the photographer is not able to access the property there will be a $125 no-show fee.

Most homes that are properly prepared can be shot in less than 1 hour although some shoots may take longer based on size.

Times will vary based on how well a property is prepared for photos and the complexity of the floor plan. Additional fees may be charged for additional time required for complex floor plans.


Please make sure pets are contained during the shoot. Pets are never included in photos and need to be out of the way during the shoot.


Photography and floor plan orders include up to 1 hour total travel time from our office in Somerville, MA. During non-peak traffic times this roughly covers the area inside of 95/128, north of Route 9, and west of Route 1. Additional travel time for locations outside this area, and additional travel caused by travel at peak travel times will be billed at the rate of $50 per hour.

Photo delivery

After the photo shoot the images will be edited and optimized for quality and delivered to you via our web site within 24 hours. You will receive an e-mail with a link and instructions on downloading your photos. A fast, reliable internet connection is required to download the images. The images will be available for download for 1 year. After 1 year a $50 archive retrieval fee will be charged to deliver the photos again.

Rush delivery of Photos

If scheduling allows it, photos can be processed and delivered by end of business the same day for a fee of $100.

Floor Plan delivery

Floor plan images are usually delivered within 48 hours. There may be times when it takes longer due to holidays, weekends, and increases in order volume. If we are aware of any known delays we will tell you at the time of the appointment.